Our Favorite Coffee Subscription Box

As a part time barista and passionate home brewer, I can still attest the worst, most undesirable part of brewing at home is picking out what flavor you want. It’s like going to the candy store and being told you can pick out one piece of candy for the whole week. With the ever-expanding market for coffee and roasters why should we have to suffer? And be stuck with minimal selection of commercial brands or the same bland grocery store roasts?  Well, fear no longer there is a new coffee club out there ready to help you out. StayRoasted.com wants to take all the guesswork out of the coffee buying process and deliver you fresh beans on your schedule.


What is Stay Roasted? StayRoasted.com is a coffee subscription website that has a dedicated team of coffee roasters at the ready to help you select a coffee roast based on simple preferences you select. Then sit back, and let the professionals do the rest. Once they have the ideal bean and roast picked out for you, they roast it, package it, and deliver it in time for peak freshness. Right now, StayRoasted.com is offering over 40 different blends of coffee from roasters all over the US and from farms worldwide!! That’s more than your favorite coffee house has in store at any one time. And with the option to select your own roast or let the professionals choose for you, getting that perfect blend has never been easier.


Now you’ve got the coffee, it was delivered perfectly fresh, and you’re loving it but you’re running out faster than you expected. Well StayRoasted.com has you covered. This is not a traditional coffee of the month service where you’re bonded to a contract and your coffee comes at fixed intervals. StayRoasted.com understands that your coffee needs change and you can adjust your plan accordingly. They allow you to get coffee more frequently or dial it back a bit with just a few simple clicks in your account. Along with adjusting the frequency of your coffee delivery, StayRoasted.com makes it easy to switch between the enormous selection of flavors. Based off your initial preferences the roasters at StayRoasted.com will have a couple flavors queued up for you when you’re ready for your next delivery. And we can all admit that having one less thing to pick up at the store is a beautiful thing. It is an ideal click and forget system, and I would rather have a coffee delivered to my doorstep than have forgotten to get another bag and wake up one morning with no beans in the house.


What’s the catch? You might be thinking to yourself, hey this sounds great but really what are the drawbacks? Right now, I believe there are no major issues. You have more flavors to choose from, delivered to your doorstep, and the price point per bag is market competitive. The only hindrance would be the initial wait time for your first bag, but beyond that your plan should be set up, and you should never be without coffee again. And with no contract there is no penalty to ending your agreement with StayRoasted.com. So why not give it a shot, and if you absolutely hate you’re able to cancel at any time.


Concluding thoughts: In the opinion of this home barista it’s safe to say that StayRoasted.com is the best thing on the market for home brewers. You cannot get the wide variety and selection anywhere else. Pair that with on hand expertise that StayRoasted.com offers it’s hard to imagine ever being disappointed when a bag shows up on your doorstep. With the sleek and easy to navigate website it’s a quick transition into this coffee plan and your first delivery will be at your house quicker than you can say Arabica beans.